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September 19, 1952     The Clatskanie Chief
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September 19, 1952

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INC. ALL CONTENT COPYRIGHTED ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AGREEMENT. REPRODUCTION, DISSEMINATION, STORAGE, DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED. TRIDENT ,~ePo eol o. -- "). ~' -~-JO "" , "." ThlrtyDeertakeniPCans Approved for Hlonen-LehtOy it byA - "gS , rch rs Here ounty Health Survey eddln unda , I - Bowmen from various citiesin ..... - .......... [ The marriage of Mrs. F_,r"kaI,n tr _q B- Art -" 1 the Northwestern Oregon invad- _ Plans 1or a neaim survey m era ann actually conauc1:lng me]Halonen to Nestor Lehto was l y ~ee e , ed the Clatskanie area in the Columbia county were approvea I survey were. presentea by lv~rs. I solemnized Sunday afternoon, [ "= --- ~ - Westlind district last week end Iby the county health council, atI Ernest aHrns, chairman of the I September 14, at 3 o'clock, at her/A ! hold no brief whatsover Election returns from Colum- when the annual archery season/!ts.mee~ng ~st week, according[committee on orgamzauon ana lhome in the Beaver Valley dis-l( 1 ~blinl:. bin County's five agricultural on deer opened. [to ivirs: ~ari. t=nar~rey, ~la~sl~ame, I pro ceaure. . ....... i trict" [ gambling, slot machines, communities where farmers rot- Local state game officers said lcuncu cnatrman. . I me mmrmauon ann puoncl~yI The double ring ceremony was/ ~ames, even punchboards .~d September 16 for communBy approximately 30 deer had been [.Purpose of thesurvey, to [program for thesurvey was pre-[performed before an improvised/ ueen outlawed in Ore on committeem h n he,ermine me health conamons se~eo Dy lvnss ~rances ~auaun, th g " en in t e cou typro- taken out by bowmen u to Wed-[ . . I .... [altar of fall flowers, wi the[ The hirtorv nf the C.nlumhis ~rSe races and dog races are duction and marketing adminis- nesday The number o~ hunters [andhealth neeas m the court: l chairman Gf the pubhm~y com- [Roy Mr Kaskinen of Astoria of- [C-"~v-Po'mon -- Ya;~ue- ..... ld . ........ . . bun ~ a Gr_n. was tol_ 9era ty rms zmormauon wm be usea ml~ee n d ring. tration setup, were announced had decreased following the open- / ' I I f':ciating in both the Fin mh an |~. .... ~. .... , ,,. ..... ; .... can se n r on wh ~t is as the barns f r a health educa The 36 representahves of car . e o eas y mis week by William Armstrong, ing week end but game officers] . -I. - . . .-tEnglish languages. /~,~ ~t th~ ~Mon A~nlv~,~. laWfUl or less harmful to chairman of the county PMA expected hunting activity to pick ltin program.., .. Imus county agencies ann ordain-I The couple was attended by/~'~rv'~'cel=~)ra'~on-~.~;*'th'e"~==.. ~e in a big way than in a committee, up again next week end for the/ Reports o~ mree commi~.ees I zaficns presen~ at this meeting ]Mrs. Irja Smith and Reuben l~eutember 13" ate'the~ B~ea~%~ One. Elected to serve on the PMA final days of the archery season. }~e~ up severm mourns ago ~o m-t agreed ma~ ~ne .neahn surveY lLehto" Wilho Halonen escorted/zmmes Grafi"e hall t'ever, the bill which will be .~ommunity committee in 195.~ t.~o~] .reh~r~ -r~rmrte~l,. ...... ~uoo~s- / vestigate the survey and to plani will be a sizable task but the rot- I ~:.~e~ m~thpr... ............. t~ th~ altar ] .. e;. : .^ . .................. , ~ ~ne recounung oz ao years oz nethods whereby it might be ac ,ed unammously to carry ~t out d November ballot to ban were: ful in their hunt for deer include ] ". - I Mrs Kaskinen played the we -/c~r~_~e ...... ,- ," ...... -- m l' ere " t the m't " . ~.s v ~s.~o~ .. ,,= ~v,,,,$ tri co p lshed w aprpoved according o plans sub I ted m amed ./mutue! racing, and that . Clatskanie.~. Harry Ingraham, Chet Hartley and Louis Nolte. ,. [ "P~, ~o~-i- ~t' ..... ,~'.~ t~ I~,, )~ )h ....... ;)) ....... t~ [ding ~march and acco ~p /nigh-lighted the well-attended uog ann norse racing, gives znairman; Tracy ~yons, vice-The local archery area wasn ~ i .... y-~'--; 7 ~7. ~ ...................... ".'" ......... .~'~-U" I Miss ~aran r~asKinen as sue sang/~s~i~ns that inrqnr]~d a dinn~,r Oters something to think chairman; Lamont Brown, red- without its hunting oddities. One [ be used m mamng me survey was I While work m preparing tor [ two songs, a Finnish hymn and [at =']d da"- ................ : ular member; J. W. Mlckelson," Portland hunter let fly at a doe/Pr,esented by Mrs..M.a r s h a 11 the survey is proceedm.g immedi- [.,Oh' Perfect Love.". [ T~.~ib;te~was naid,~ .. to fifty-year,, ~le rDel~e, cnazrman oI mesurvey a~ely the survey l~seii is lqO~ ex t members of first place if Oregon ap- first alternate and Wayne Oyola, in the Clatskanie district and / I .......... - " ~ Only immedm e . | members of the county. Three of th 1 Dud committee pec~ea ~o De conauczeQ urlgll some r r sen~ [1 e anti-pari-mutuel bil, sec alternate, when he went upto claim his[ Plans- zo" "r obtaining .... m~erwew t ume ........ early m lva~ ]b=th families Weworee p ae teal" blue [tlaem were present Honored Probably mean that the Rammer: J. C. Skeans, chair- prize wondered what to do next. [ " [ Mrs. Halonen .. . [were Mr and Mrs A L. Parker W~ll move into Vancouver man; ~eorge Cowles, vice-chair- His arrow had passed through the I , [ Jfternoon areas with rmnes~one/~..~ ~,~,.~ A~;.o :r ~o~ ,~ho ~erate just a couple of miles man; Lloyd Burnham, regular doe which was his target andln t ~/ I Ille" . ~ . ]trim. Her corsage was of pink/~arkers"we~e"'cha~er"~emi~r~ :hi, re the horses race in member; charles Crann, first al: then killed a fawn had been/tiell, GCllflel{ler s IfllWalllS l0 fl0Sl I carnatins'. ....... |of the Vernonia Grange and now . It will make litzie aiff- ~erna~e; M. E. Whi~oecK, seconci standing unseen behind the. abe../ . ,I ,I A buzze~ ainner ioilowe~l me --~-,,-,a|k~d""a ,~,"f ..~.~..,~.l~t..~.~4'"*'"hl"we] ~.~.,,.~lrr~ __,oYAwe~ ,r~ this state's race fans. alternate. The hunter returned with the/Et_ |_ t 14P_---ll.--__ I~ .... J__lceremony. / .... ~-- ~,qon~ed t~ the Natal result wall be that Wash- Nehalem Valley: Joe Banzer, two deer as a result of the twin } l~llll| ='~t~l| l~]l][l~[[1] [~[l[[~][l~]['.~ ][ll~..~[]l[l~ ] Mr. and Mrs. Lehto spent the r |Gran-e for her 50 ,,e,~ of Wall get the rmllions m chmrman, Frank Schnudlm, vzce kflh wRh one arrow / I $/hone moon at Seamde and As-/ ......... ~,o.,,,~. ~ .... that Oregon'will lose. chiarman; C. E. Waddell, regu- ng toria,Yand will be at home at the ;resente~w;~'~} y~a'~ jew;~ ~r~]Y33 to Nov. l, 1951 the lar member; Noble Dunlap, first WaUsehBuvsPooreHome I Lt. Richard Dana Schneider,[ H. W. Shoemaker, vice-presi-lLehto residence in the Lacodal tt o m .ti.. acing revenue was $4,804,- alternate; Richard Peterson, sec- ~ [marine pilot, was laid to rest m ldent of the Reynolds Metal com-]district after September 20. They ]ha,~ -'reviousl ...... iced thei," dogs; $1,287,594 for hors- bud alternate. Mr. and Mrs. John Wahsch o [Arhngton cemetery near Wash-Ipany m Longwew will be the lwere taken to Seaside by Wflho |~ew~l ! $11,879 miscellaneous. Yankton-Goble: Adolph An- Newport have purchased ~ne/ington, D. C. recently. I speaker Tuesday night when the/Halonen and Elsie Smart. /~ ~.'_~'o~^,~.~_~^ ,-, ..... ,^~.~ ^~ th " " r " home ofMr and Mrs Ral h ...... ~.~ ,~a~a,.c ~.~,,m~ ~v,,~ ,,, er result which will occur rake , chmrman Floyd B. Lee- - P ] The young marine was killed ] Clatskame K~wams club holds ~ts [ -- |~,, ~r~t m,,,,*~n- -~ the Pomona bill is passed is that the ver, vice-chairman; Elmer B. Foore in Hazel Grove and theY/in an accident in California .and I annual ladies' night and teachers' / TEACHERS ARE HONORED /P-'ran~e which'washel-(i in Clara ~' fairs, shows, etc., will lose boyd, regular member; Jackwill move to Clatskanie imme- / details as to the time and cause I reception / a~ .ate~ D ~,a/,~ . ~' ........ ": which[By" itally necessary Leu, first, alternate, and Albert diately. Mr. Walisch will be. shop / of his death have not been learn- I Kin~o ....................... ~n;~m~n r Min~" wl]] h~ / ~ ........ "--'~/~ame m. ~vvz ann, ~]SOo presen~ecti - ~'.are to continue to operate E. B~rjesson, second alternate, foreman at the Clatskame.Ma- led by Clatskanie ~,elatives and I the topic of the speaker who has / inn anmversary ca~e ~ r me a n ut chine sho Mrs Poore ann ~n~e The Mist Parent Teacher Asso her taxes on property. Scappoose-Warren: ~rm. Kessi, " P. . .~ - /friends. I mined in those mines in the past[ ........ " ....... '_"/ 'I:he road ,-ro,'ram of the ' estimated amount which chairman; Fred Mollenhour vice- were in Clatsl~anie Ixom t=o~tage/ Funeral services were held inland has an unusual sto,'~, *- ~1, [clarion nero ~s nrs~ zau meeung/ v Io to the fairs, etc., in Ore- chairman; John A. Johnson, red- Grove on Tuesday and were he-/San Diego, California, where his/ Teachers from the two Clats-Iatthe gym Thursday evemng. /granges wa~s recountwedhibY ht~m: )r the bi-ennium 1951-53 is ular member; George Stephen, companied by Mrs. Ralph ue- ~ parBnts, Mr and Mrs Merlin | kanie schools, Westuort. Quincy, | lwenw members were en- |v~*-u~ ~-~-m=, _2"_ "- :"_ .,.'-'_- " " ~ - er iin seen me program grow m m~ J~rnett rolled and there were ov y 00. Columbia county fmrhrst .alternate, and W. C. Borjes- ~ Schneider now live since his re- I Mayger and Delena have been in- / . |Nehalem Valley, which then had ble to operate this year and son, second alternate. -- / tirement from the Marine corps I cited to be the guests of the K.i- |presem" . . / .............. .~ ,Year because of money re- Named as delegates to attend ~__. I _1t _.. IW___li./in which he had the rank of[wanians at the meeting. / A short business meeting was/no roans: m l[s pre_s~_f ~.~.,~p~-uv~ t from the dog and horse the county convention for ham- bdr L~][~ Ull l['d~/Brigadier-General. [ Meeting time is 6:30 p.m. at the/filowed ,by a reception Ior the/s~a~e/.^ ~._ ~_,r,a.r~r wa~ ~,~ ing next year's county commit- -- -- "-- | Young Schneider's wife and/Clatskanie IOOF hall. i new ~eacners. . . . ./~lj~a=, u, ,,~, ,v~,,,. there is reliable opinion tee were Lamont Brown, Clats- ~ ]r~l~]~#t~ /three children had been living/ / .The group was en~er~amea/ Grange llistory Told ~le bill is very clumsily kanie; Frank Tyrell, Rainier; Joe ll~ ]l~il~][~J|~|l~[ /near Santa Ann, California but/~a# ~m~! !~1 [ a snorz.program oz ocaz/ _. - e- in "e'" Banzer Nehalem Valle c tamnt tteiresnmen~s were ~nen Three granges snar a ~ n ~1, it does not actually pro- , y; Ja k are now in Washington, D. C.,]M~U~[I[I~ P'I-I" i i lrl ] - / ........ " do-~ .....acin- it author-[Leu, Yankton-Goble andWil- ~ [with h~r family l&v&Mvltll~l &&~J &&ll&a~ I served. - ling of the history o~ zne ~range ~ {e"iis~at~e ~o prohibit liam Kessi, Scappoose-Warren. A severely wrecked car was f Merlin See'eider l~ft Clats-1~, --5 ~ / |Parks. The story of Big.Eddy bookmaking and to pro- The county convention will be towed into Clats~ame onz~onaay I kanie when .a young fMiow and / xe~ S Froi~'~[ll I LOCAL GRANGERS TO /Par was.ram ~y. uae l~ari-mutuel betting is not held September 23 at the I~MA when a car amven Dy 19avlO M. I entered Annapolis Academy and ] ~'~ I OBSERVER BOOSTER NIGHT |Gxange. The ~atal ~ange to~, rized. They claim there is [~ffice in St. Helena. At this con- O!iver, 18, .of Longvi.ew and lhis two sons have followed his/ -- / -- /the history of Nata~ r'arz ann .~r, precise prohibition of lvention the delegates wilt elect a rnomas nooer~son oz me same l footsteps and the three have] Committee members for the|c .... ~.~.. ~a ;. ,,u....,..~/~he Beaver.Valley ~range pre- ~i~ng, nor is dog-horse race [ county committtee chairman, city .was hit by the early morning [ graduated from Annapolis l MaygerPTC were a~ointed/., ~,~-~,~""-"~--- ,~-,-~'-~--'- ~u,f,~, [~ented the st or~.. oI rl_uason l-'axK. . , ' " " F~" I~I~I1LIUl LII~:~ ~.,l~;~t31~,Ill~ ~JfJ,Lll~ " me ran - Portland Astoria ~easme ~re~ght It was the ~eeimg oz g g Prohibited. vlce-chmrman, a thzrd member - - I Besides his wife and children,/Sel~tember 10 by Mrs Vivien t and the public is invited / - f .......... ill , r r land two alternates. Both com- tr~n. . ....... Ibis parents, be is survived by alGriffith president, at the firstl A nro~ram and dancing will/era presen [na~ me par a~_w~ :have thought that General munity and county committee- z ne car.nan, rmmct aown met brother' Merlin F., Jr., now sta-]meeting of the new year for that t.,rovide entertainment Awards/Stana as monumen.~s .~o. um ~- ~aU, o, h~. *. .... lin~in~ in I men will take office October 1 bank and zne zwo boys. nan iez~ l ~;~,,,~a = ~i]lin~s Montana and | ....... / ~ ........ :" . o, / forts of me grange m tins counw. ~ular a al'of~his~candi- In the coming year, the corn- it on the trackto c~me to town t w~'o'~has~ been seriously injured]S'AttVendin, the meetin- were 17/wm be mane ~or ~ne Des~ nower/ Grange flood relief during the ~aince hisPPenomination but mumty .... committeemen will mm for asmstance." wmie" ~n.ey were in action in Korea, and by his[ members of~" the Council.~' / mostann mevisitorsmemoers /h~gh waters of 1948 was the topxcic I the ast week we believe at visiting each farm in their gone me amsei locomouve cameI grandparents, Mr and Mrs W F / Mrs LGeta Ra'"was chosen/-~ s _..'_. /Gf the ~v~arsmana ~range wmcn P ' 4 ml es a ~ .... " ~ All grangers are asKea zo nmp n the bend at 0 1 n also md tribute to Mrs Beneta pt:::hnbafre:lth~P~nrgi'can c~nm2~riatYe tA.~eplp :heisftarmc:r 2 ~r~, dshortly after they left, and ~ht~i::[e tjhe~id:eC:nptloYrtl2~t./g;:~es mo~:: ~;lath;u~ro~mary/w~i~h::~e~h~l~nts of cake, sand-/Zondip~, who organized the ~tion of Labor this week I!.he most urgently needed prac-, couldw2ts::OPF2ethm:d:h~nv~he I An uncle, Harlan Schneider, lives ]room mother for the intermedi-/ Some of ~e ladies .axe asked/.MarSdhlatd Grange shortly before him immeasurably even urea. . . - . I ..... " s " 1 in Albany. 1 ate rooms and Mrs. Jennie Erick- | h~, th,~ lecturer to meet at 2 - m / her a -. ......... ill it would not mean theI In reviewing the past year, I DZZI~y. _ I I son will act as room mother for/ ~/- *- ......" "~/ anzmn ~range mm o~ ~z bles" The heads of any Chairman Armstrong said that Engineer Bart Callahan oft .... I . /ma~ a~ernoon ~o se~ ~ao~es ann/beginning of the county fair, ~. .... stag. ........ ~,.,-I" for the I where such operations were car- I Seamde' stated that the train / ~P~I/~_ll~ I.||]~l~r__o ~@.|.~, I the.uppergraaes. ....... / decorate. | which started as a grange fair in -.-~uon cazmo~ ~p . . u.,,...v, w--... -.-. me l'~J.~, IS asKlng ior uona- " " Ra 'and file I r,ed out,~ore farmers are par-Ibarely escaped dermlment.. The .... ].. * hel- alon- the school| l~ts commumty in 1908. Mrs. y t uons ~o p g ~...__i'_.._~ -t the "mess" I ticipating in the conservation I engine was damaged consider-, I~t? T~l~ |l~l~l~ll'i~]r~l~ I ...... | ~l____|~ ._-11 ....... | tarbell related the story gleaned ,.,omzn~rm~ ,, Hi,~ ~ ~ au~,a~v~ lUnCh program xor one coming irree aShington has borne fruit. I program than ever before and l ably. . .. t ~r [school year Th~ hot lunch pro_/bar01 anuers0n lli| rom early Pomona and Fa " d we cannot help but feel I more effective practices are be- I Back injuries were recmvea by I ... " ..... ] t ords -- .... liver a " foot gram will sl~al% on ~ovemoer ~ " t ~tevenson is shppmg. His mg carmed out to pxotect, con-[Robertson and O had cut A new pre-fabmcated 40-]with Mrs Ann Brumr~ton as cook [~l~ga ~l~ ~A~I~AI~/ Development of the presen ~t~, ;~ _^, ~,ealin~ No one I serve and build up the soil I hand. I high incinerator designed to re- 1 .. " ..... ,~:' ...... ~ | L]~,IIU~[~ U], ~V~,|I fair grounds was told by others -~ .o .u, ~o. . i~ was announccu .zu~ .~ ~-n ~ " f the ' a comedian, which he is I ~I auco ~e put~nto useI girls will hold a style show in St./ / with George Nelsontellmgo , , tVor;,,~ +~ he in the Whitel recently Dy me Denver ~.umDer .., ..~ ~,, .......... / ........ /bUilaing o! me erz~ ~u -~-.. o ."'~.." "7 .... I,=,~_ B ~ ~ ,m,~. . I ........ [xiezens W1Ln u~,~=* _~,~?v~.~--/ ' Carol emaerson, aaugmer o~/~,,,,tr ham in 1941. The Canaan ~._m these ~lmes az ma_s_~. [~l~ ~,~'~,lP~ | =~=~ =~ ~d%1~1 ~ ~='I"1~_~[~,~"~'... ;..~oUo,;,,,, ~,,u~ by ! September 20. Mrs. Loeta tray| Mr. and Mrs. E V. Anderson of] tl e story ~f the ttte mor to sa Ike the Gage Steel Co. of Cottag . . . Grange cot ag .., mpts at hu Y" ] ...... ~ I ......... [Martin and Mrs. Esther Jacob-] phrey, were marred m the West-| ....... members with dona- ~s " t strike a re- ~rove replaces ,an ozaer lnCln~r-. . oy ~rang~ , man will no " ' " Is son as assistant leaders, port Community church on Sun- . mone and labor about ~Ve chord in the minds of[Cont~t to Sflverton. 1~ b [ ator which had worn out, offlc,a ........... was/ ............. |t, ons of Y . ,~. .... , ......... ~_..,. ..... :.~ I ~ guest a~ me meeun~ /clay, me ~tn oi ~ep~emDer az '~/o~ ..... = ~,,,, A tribute was given ~ers The know better "ro oz uze company ~mu. . ~o ~,r,-.... Y I [ " - - lar-e dome of/Mrs" CharlesLake, Monroe,| p.m. by the Rev. Kelth Kerr. /. ""rs Jane Armstrong[ by the capitol of his advocacy of [ . ~~ L:appea by a g I Wash | q'h,~ bride who me~ ~er -r,,~,~| ~o ~w . . ....... ~rtin Re ublicans for Con- , . heavy ~4-inch mesh screen, the ......... ~, ..... Grange [or nor royal sexvme hur- L g. P. . ..... I Silvert0ns smoothly operatedi Roy Pierce. Except for an open/ ..... ~-,...; .... ~,,-,-,. ; ...... *,=,a to [ Lunch was served by Mrs. El-|at the altar, was escorted by her/ ,,.,. ~,,,~ life and Mrs. George '~as natural, even ~o mck~ar- ] single wing attack spodled Clara- ling game drive when the Tigers ~ re~uce':u~st~an~ia~v the"amount/len Viukola and Mrs. Ann[ lather who gave her in| M~lls'was honored for her work =,~ ~enner= .... I kanie high school's hopes for an ! moved 48 yards in four plays to [ ~ ~,~ ~~'~, ~o~, ~rnm the older / Brumpton. | She wore a ballermo lengm wm~e[ ; .... uirin- the fair grounds. , =,,mower nab never oeenl onening season victory under the, the Fox 11 before it bogged down, [ ~= ~.o.~.o ~....= =.... %-:,,,~ [ ] lace gown and fingertip length[ ....... t the olden qe s " no~ now ann . ,- ..... ,~eu-up mat wa~ r~p~.---. . . . Guests present a g ~._ man. He is .... I clatskame hghts last Fmday[Tiger linemen were unable to ] ............ ~, ,~... new~ ~t~'~_ _= .... -=|I veil. She carrmd whlte flowersI ~nniversa" celebration included ~Ople cannot help ouz rein- . ~,,~ ,rm ,~ ~,,,b ,,= . ~ -~ Stevenson's anguish M'tat] .n)ght when the Sil::.~FoX:Soranr [punch any mzea.ble holesl/2e the[structure pre-fabricated the steel]JUlle U lfflen Wlll | m. in/State Master anti Mrs. Elmer was the man who pulledI WaYo O a ,o- - . m~ ~verron ae~enslve _, -, [at its home plant and then truck-[ ...... - | 5he a~enaants, w re _ color | McClure and several from Wash- ~., .... _, ,,~ ,.,~,,~,..o. xne rogers in me con~e~ ,=~- ! oa ~ ~n ~+ o,~+ion~ +,, the lo / A=~l II I~m Ik-'~, ~&..l ~mors oz DlUe ne~ ann rose -/;---t"n County ~',=z S~rlngs l;O secure nrs ~-, ,,~ -,, ~,,~ ~,- "~ ~ -,~ " ~" ~tat ........... I The non-league opener was the l ted 83 yards and Pierce got 701 c~ti'on of'the inc~nerato~ It was t l~d~l J~i[lll~ ~U[lt~tV I ~d l~c~ e,ch carrying white nose-| ion me uemocrauc ~n f ch Bob aw ~ ~ as in el .. ..... "| final tuneup test or Con/ of them on end sweeps that s / ~o,, ~,,~ +,,,,,~ tn '~,m the l | ~ays. The flower girl w "Y -I "~ Is no~ in any" posl~lOn SO , ~, .......... I~.~ ' . / McCullough s inexperienced but i hi'm repeatedly forced to circle l ~'_'~'~_~"'[_~_:"~,._ in_~n^rator ~ | low organdy . / 1t .... &tn~ lllltm~m~lm -~ or anyone else, someone ." I ' . nnz~n~u prouac~. ~zs= ~ ~ S i of the St " ~1-- - "~man ....... " ] bark on the rough Lower Colum- : op.tmprvmg T~gers before they em- ~ wide when holes failed to devel- [ is"~i,.~40 feet,,~,.,~,wtde-' ' ............. 'ooia'h'~ ,,~" ..... the JohnsThe AltarcathohcOCchurchety elected['| andFranCiSushersAndersnwere Donaldwas beststens. [man ] ~U~tlll~i, ~[" ][ ~]~l~l{[~l~[__ ~al ElsennowerIsaganl -, -,., le / bin League schedule Friday night. Pierce also had a hand in the ~ ~:,'*~;,~"~',~"':,=~=,~U h~,~ h,,;l~ officers at its meeting held atI land and Merlin Black. / ~ lIl~iMt~flff~l~llF Upswing. / The Tigers meet the veteran ~ Ti~ers' only touchdown when he i .... ,~ ..... ~ ""." ..... ~..~"~.,'.'=~%-_" : the home of Mrs Ronald Olson,| A reception followed at the[ IJl~ ~llll~|~[ll~[ T ~ ? - . .o .' , SUCh a s~rucmre wlm me iu-ioo~ ", . . ~ @ t*- ....... 1 Scappoose eleven m the loop fhpped a pass to Clayton Pillari~,,~ x~ .... u~ ~t,~]. ~lates and chose June O Brlen as their[ home of Mr. and Mrs. RobertI ~zanie w~s ~rougn~ sn~o bach Sam ore It .................... " ~ ~ ~" r i " - " Or ........ opener at Scappoose. C good for 54 yards and a sc . ~ the total heioht of the finished p es dent. | Srmth. | egon Journat JUbilee is , e, I ........ "Cavilla s Indians were the only was the longest offensive play of[ ~..~; .... ~ orb made but inac- Other officers named are Lil-[ Mrs. Humphrey is well-known[ Scouting programs in Clara- - ~unaay s magazine Sec ,-,-,,,,--,-~,- ~ .... "~Loop squad to triumph over out of the game. / .....~;]+-, ~ ~,~ ~;+~ ~," ~,, ~ran~ lian Armstrong, first vice; Vera[ [n the Westport community where] kanie got underway last Monday ~rres~ t~raaley., appearea league opponents in last week's First Silverton score of the| ...... :'~. ~:. " ..... ", ...... ": ~ .'_'% Anderson, second vice, and Doral she attended school. She took an I ni-ht when Troop 9.41 held its ~rom left) in me wimer . promp~ea me workmen zo ~ry . . . o . . .............. openers. The Indians tripped game came late m the firs. quart-~ ~,, ...... ,~.,a ..,~,.~ ,~ ....... Watts, secretary-treasurer. | ~ot]ve part in the Rainbow for] first regular troop meeting m the ~,p~cmre at Mt. ~ooo.m me Concordia, 12 to 0. ~r when a Tiger fumble with| .... . .... ,":=";"~..~"~":-~,~'~'~::. Plans were made for the an-I Girls. |Presbyterian church following -~tne 1924 Buic~ zo re- In dropping their opener to Sil- fourth and one yard to go gave[ con~empia~ .... ~ ,,, ,, s ...... nual turkey dinner to be held in] She had attended Washington[ the summer layoff. un the same page m me in r extem ter was ........ verton, the Tiger 1' e p oved un- the visitors the pigskin on theI " November in the multi-purposet ~tate college but last m ~1 Albert C. Gasher, leader of the ~ng gwis p~cmre ~axen a~ able to ston the power ~f the sin- Clatskanie 27 | -- . ~ .... rooms of the Clatskanie Union a transfer to Idaho where she and x lorer Scouts l~st ear is serv- a ks were Mable Colv.!n and gle wing end runs that featured Stiles immediately broke out| ,m~orlcal ~oem, y ~o ~v~ee~ High School. [her hushand will complete thei~rl EngP temporarily as Yscoutmutmr ~rmth (.now Mxs. ~nva ot speedy Dean Stiles, the Silver around the right side for 20 yards| Wednesday, September 24 is - --- : work this year. | and met with the troop commit- en). l-qcmres o~ lviauae ~'ox captain. Time after time the and a first on the seven. A pair| the date for the September meet- REV. KNAUPP WILL | tee recently to formulate plans ~_ and Lou Flunrer nave Silverton halfback swept the of line plays moved it to the one[ ing of the Columbia County His- PRESENT PROGRAM HERE Injuries Are Received | for fall .activities. ~:do among the 50-years Tiger left flank behind heavy and then the 181 pound Todd|torical society which will be.held -- ....... | The local scout committee is- o~ ~ne paper, interference, and when just a bucked it over for the touchdown.| at the Scappoose Congregational The Rev. Lyle Knaupp of the W. E: Di.eter re.celvea a.cusm-I sued a call for assistant scout yard or two was needed big Jack A quarterback sneak for the| church. A pot luck droner will be Rosewav__ Communitv_ -. ......... I:b-esbvt~r- rated ................................ snoulaer wnlle working mI i~or~ A~irtant leadel~ are Todd, Fox quarte ark, was able extra point failedand the qua -| Y inn cht~rch will ho nno of tho -I n~.,~t~ocl tn ai~l in ttiroetinu the_ tl Lads Turn Out at OCE rb rt served at noon followed b the this arch with the Empire Con ....................... M Gossl ..................... --- .rl LaFountaine, Bob Jolma to punch through the middle, er ended with Silverton leading| regular business meezmg ann representatives of Portland Pres- s~ruc~lon ~o...Jennie . ay _ s] program of the troop which is ~a " H 1 i ro ram oz ~t ~, ttamzer, zraczurea her ry Salyers, former C1ats- Only D~ck uru a n the center 6 to 0. | P g bytery to present the annual . .. " ....... lack- rl expected to have more than 30 Star football players have of the Tiger defensive line was Second touchdown of the game| ~ Christian Education Servicing le~ arm wmm .~ ~er-~ boys active in the work of the .ed for the initial football able consistently to stop Fox came midway through the second Past Grands Meet Monday program at the Presbyterian ties. Arvla l~allUnll ~s a~nongI scout troo~ and explorer units at the Oregon College of plays through his position and quarter when the visitors moved The Past Grands club of La- church this Sunday evening, 7130 the !njured .c.his weeK. rte nab a[ this year.- -- , ~pralnea ankle ~ion at Monmouth, Oregon. Pat Hogan at defensive left half- 63 yards to score. A 39-yard-pass France Rebekah lodge will meet to 9 o clock. ~ " | Any adult who has had scout. Bill McArthur forecasts a back was another Bengal who play from Stiles to Todd featured Monday night in Longview at the The program for parents of -- | ing experience .and is interested Ollege athletic career for sparkled as he repeatedly nailed the drive. After yielding a first home of Mrs. R. R. Brock. The Sunady school children, teachers -Mrs. Heitala nl | in aiding the current scouting Young men. The entire Fox runners when they threaten: down on the Clatskanie one-yard meeting begins at 8 p.m. Mrs. and officers of the church, centers Mrs Victor Heitala has been a] program is asked to contact Frano g staff has praised the ed to go all the way. " stripe, Tiger defenses sparked by Brock, former Clatskanie real- about two sound film strips on medical patient in the Columbia] cis Sparks, troop committee chair- lib: e of performance evi* The Tiger offensive show was .... dent, invites the group each year 'The Bible in the H~me" and Hospital in Astoria She was ad-l man, or Gasher, as soon as po~- by these athletes to date. staged almost entirely by shifty (Continued on page 10)to meet in her home. "The Bible in the Church" mitted the first of the week | ible