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August 12, 1949
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12, 1949 ' and Mrs. Bud Jubinville in Chehalis on Sunday. V. M. Burke of Oswego to visit Mrs. Mable Patter, Harvey of Portland With his mother, Mrs. Monday. Mason was a Portlan4 Wednesday and Thurs, Birkenfeld of Golden- a week end visitor at Birkenfeld home. Louise McDevitt and Jeffers of Portland were of Hazel Mason Tuesday y of this week. Charles Randall and Glen week in Seaside with Randall and Mr. and Hoffman. and Mrs. L. S. Hattan's Mrs. John Boffhad children of Bangor, Wis- arrived from the eas by plane to visit for two Yance Miller and Craig are visiting this week home of her parents, Mr, Jim Bailie. and Mrs. Francis Sparks are vacationing in Oregon, visiting the Oregon Caves and Cra- areas. They will be two weeks. and Mrs. D. B. Armbust Pennsylvania are this week with their and family, Mr. and Stinson and daughter. and Mrs. Ernest Illum Mr. and Mrs. Owen of Cambridge, Neb- and Mr. Guy Powell of AI- brother and sister Rev. and Mrs. I1- them on a trip B.C. and Mrs. Clell Zirkle spent in Spokane, Washing- Mrs. Zirkle's mother, who has been here for the past two back to her home. While family reunion of the was held in Vallev, at the home of Mrs. Anderson with most of [ren present. Mr. Zirkl an uncle at Colville, .n,i Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Birken- fold of Home Valley, Washing- ton spent the week end at the Paul Birkenfeld home. The men are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith and Charmone of Bradwood were Sunday visitors at the Oscar I Kelty's. Charmone remained over, night and the day Monday with hI Nora-Kay. l BeM;;rtoL/dwfard n Wt:zard Sat f i urda night and the day Sunday. She came to attend the Lewis: Peterson wedding. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Jubinville took her back to Beaverton. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Parker ae- I the Gall Steele's of Astoria. Mrs. Floyd Kramlick and two girls, Linda and Candace are visiting at the John Kramlick home. Mr. Kramlick will come this week fn" a few days visit at his parent's home before taking his family bacl to their home in Seattle. Mrs. Nell Koski of Longview spent the week end at the homel ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kramlick. Mr. and Mrs. A1 Canham visit- ed m Kelso Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sweeney and Mr. and Mrs. Hary Phillipo drove Mrs. Sweeney's aunt, Mrs. Dora Myers of Portland, who has been visiting here, back home Sunday. While in Portland they visited the Lambert Gardens and the Riverside and Mrs. Pep- e:s fL:schia gardens. Mrs. Don McPherson attended the annual Baker county picnic in Laurelhurst Park Sunday. Her mother, Mrs. Mae Wattles, who had been visiting in Port, land for several days also was THE CLATS CH'IEF, CLATSKANIE, OKEOON ,., nl ............. ....... m Mr. ! and Mrs. George W Duck-Inow also a grown young man. wiler spent Friday night at the The Tuckers have a grocery, Will Jones' home enroute to Istore at Port Orford, where one Reedsport to attend the wedding branch of the Tichenor family of Roger Wiley. Mr. and Mrs settled in the early days. The itw or three days with th Kathryn Bunting, who has been spending the summer with Mr. and Mrs. ttarry Bunting is is returning to her home in Rai- nier for the school term. Mrs. Bud Holmes and daugh- ters visited with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Krueger in Garibaldi last week. Bud Holm- es and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Welsl" and Jackie went down for tho week end at the Krueger hom to bring back Mrs. Holmes and the girls. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kelley werv in Salem last week for a few clays visiting the W. W. Kelleys0 brother of Ed. Mr. and Mrs. Earl MeIntyre of Sweet Home were week end guests of the latters parents, thq C. S. Bristols. They returned to their home Tuesday. The T. E. Cohoon family of Newport visited during lhe week end with the R. S. Cohoons. : Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberts of L s Angeles were here over the week end visiting his cousin, Mrs. IBen Franklin. They were en- companied their son and wife' present at the picnic and return-]route to Crater Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Parker of Milwaukee and their friends, i ed to Clatskanie with her daugh-] Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fluhrer the Don Walrods, to visit the ter in the afternoon, land Curtis of Astoria visited a l few days last week at the Will Mrs. Ed Seppala, Mrs. Fred i Jones Drew Blueberry Farm at Che- Graves and Ieleen Graves drove home. J halls Sunday. l to Astoria Monday. Mrs. Sep-] Victor Lewis of Roseburg visit- Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tormanen,pala remained over until Tues-'ed with his wife and family at of San Francisco visited with the day former's mother, Mr. and Mrs. M ra .... " "ii ..... :,L _ the home of her parents the ...... il " 1 ..... I y rem is v  ung wu vL. Will Jones'. o.  wuot a ot b a[sKame iney . ' .... " [and Mrs Ralph Helhnan m Port- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wiley and returned to meir nome early this' ..... " lanes l;nls weeK. week. I Mr. Don McPherson, who has Mrs. Tom Ferry left Friday been home for about 10 months from Salem by bus to visit her daughter in California. Mr. and Mrs. Don Parker and baby and Mrs. Violet Parker of California were visitors at the A1 Canham home Saturday Mr. and Mrs .Walter Closson are vacationing this week. Harold Pascoe and son, Paul, and son-in-law John Witham at- tended the baseball games in' Portland Sunday. Adjoining re- served seats were occupied by following surgery and convales- cence in Portland is in Portland this week for a medical check- up. YIrs. Lloyd Harrison left Mon- day for a two week's businesa trip to San Francisco. She was accompanied by and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. George Best of Lubbock, Texas are visiting this week with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bunting. Mr. Best is Mrs. Bunt- ing's brother. Dance Log Hall SATURDAY, AUG. 13th Music: 5-P,ece Orchestra Next Sunda 9 is a bi 9 da 9 6r Jeanne Determann SUnday evening, a little after 9:30 o'clock, the announcer on the Standard Hour will Say..."Now, a young artist we believe has a great future in music will entertain you--Jeanne Determann, soprano from Los Angeles." And Jeanne, Who works as a secretary, will sing for the first time with a great SYmphony orchestra.., for an audience of nearly a million people. e don't know what this chance will aean to Jeanne, but similar Sunday even- ings have been very important in the Careers of many singers and musicians-- Claramae Ttumer, contralto, and Jerome I'Iines, basso, both with the Metropolitan Opera Company, Dorothy Warenskjold, Soprano with the Francisco Opera Association, Paulena Carter, concert pianist, and others. For it is our policy on the oldest of all symphony network broadcasts to help talented young people whenever possible ... so that, from time to time, the hour that's yours can also be theirs. Page unknown by name or face. Th same was true of cousins met in New York and New England. It was a great trip to and in Nova Scotia. Malvina's uncle Pints 2.30 4-5 qt. 3.60  William F. Jones, grandparents could easly have been an identi- of Roger Wiley left Saturday I Tuckers were too short cal twin of her father, in fact, morning to attend the wedding I ". 1" t if he visited Clatskanie, we fear also Other former Clatskanie-ites many would faint, so marked t seen briefly were Mrs. Jim Smith not only the facial charaCteris- T* ,ur,nr and Allan at Beaver, Oregon- tics and build but also the rain, - I and IV[ s. Vera hronson and utest mannerisms. "Marilyn at San Francisco % (Continued from page 1) [ . , "  ; " And now back in Clatskanie, changed, but their three fine Finally, after we decided tlwe are still .atiflr] tn Hv. w, girls are growing up. Earl is visit the East coast, Malvina con-lh ...... ,-,-,'-,,,', ",:,', working for the big Humble tacted her only living uncle onIter:oclimat[evewt; ';h; plant, the largest oil distillery her father's side, whom she had lrain more to our liki - . . , ng. Tne m the natron ,f not the world never seen, and he, 81 years old, It i a -- ....... [ - -" w ........ r p way has m= . appc ? T f ana ms lie wen wm us 0 ...... I crate Clatskame and ,ts people In Coronado, near'San Diego, Queoec and men on o rova more" three fine days were enjoyec[ Scotia where we spent nine day I with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ginn andt at Bridgetown, then at Lock, i Buneva, who are probably in'r>ort, the old Lewis home, visit, I Sell, swap or buy wiLh a Chief Clatskanie or have been by the ing with first cousins, hitherta Want Ad. They bring results! time you read this. Dale is mana- ger of the Coronado Mortuary. Little Buneva is now a grown: young lady. In Pasadena, a week at the Ira] West family and again just the i same Wests who lived next doorl to us in Clatskanie. And Clats-! kanie is still home to them. Gin- ger and Bargara both married and live nearby, the latter haa a little girl, the pet of all. ttt , ii Naturally, we couldr t go [ down the coast without seeinl] Ira and Geneva Tucker and Lee 1 ! \\;' / Immediate Delivery! 4-Bar Side Del:very Case Mint Rakes 1947 Chevrolet Cab-over Truck $1400.00 , 8 Bunting & Poysky Implement Co. Kentucky Whiskey [0000EY'S "'='" DOLLAR DAY mATIONAL DISTILLERS PROD, CORP., N. Y. 86 PROOF 65 GRAIN NEUTPL SPIRffS " 'i SAVING S Sweets! NYLON PANTIES 1 00 White only, Sizes S-M-L  Quantity Hmited . For Special Days and Every Day DESSERTS FOR YOUR MEALS Sweets for Snack Time and Lunch Pails PIES  CAKES  ROLLS  COOKIES -- DOUGHNUTS National Bakery BROUGHER'S Grocery Specials TUNA White Star Grated Each 39 SOFTA$1LK Pkg. 43 [I Apple Butter DutCh Girl Large Jar 25 PINEAPPLE Crushed No. 2 tin Corned Beef ShUrfine Each 49 SUPER SUDS Half-Price Sale 2 for 51 Paper Plates 2 doz. 25 RECIPE OF THE WEEK Dinner Peppers 2 laqle gt-mm impps 1 cup grsted 4 cups boiling wettHt AmerJcen cheo 1 /s teaspoons salt 1 can conden 1 / cups diced eem of " lunch meet chicken soup* 1 cup draimtd, whole I/2 cup pet Milk kernel corn, l cup liquid off corn cooked or nned Cut peppers in halves, lengthwise. Re. move seeds and fibers. Boil 2 minutes in boiling water and 1 teasp, salt. Drain. Turn on oven; set at moder- ately slow (350 F.). Mix meat, corn and cup cheese. Mig soup, milk, corn liquidand remaining Ye teasp. salt. Mix A cup sauce with meat mix- ture. Put to peppers. Put into bak. ing pan. 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